Bringing It All Together

A photo of a smartphone with a TempoSmart App screen showing blood glucose information/graph.

The TempoSmart App integrates data about your insulin, glucose, dosing, food, and sleep to help you and your healthcare professional manage your diabetes.* Here’s what it can do:

Download the app
  • *
    To transfer your insulin dose-related data automatically, the Tempo Smart Button™ must be connected to the app and be within 9 feet (3 meters) of your Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile device. You can also enter your insulin dosing information manually.
  • Follow your BGM and/or CGM instructions for automatic data transfer to occur.
  • Warning: Do not make dosing decisions based on CGM data from the TempoSmart App. Follow instructions on your CGM system.

Track Your Progress

The TempoSmart App organizes your data into a variety of progress reports that you can share with your healthcare professional.

Track Your Activity

The TempoSmart App integrates with compatible activity trackers like Fitbit® and Garmin® and wellness apps like Apple Health and Google Fit™ that may provide additional insights.

Share With Your
Healthcare Professional

The TempoSmart App provides your healthcare professional with access to your Logbook data at any time, which they may review between office visits to help you make the most of your time together.*§

  • §
    Patients must grant access for the HCP to view their data.

Manage Your Dosing Schedule

The TempoSmart App allows you to set personalized reminders and notifications.||

  • ||
    Alerts and notifications must be enabled by the user during initial setup of the TempoSmart App.

Provide Data Beyond Diabetes

The TempoSmart App helps you keep track of other important information like medications, weight, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and dietary habits for a snapshot of your overall health.

A middle-aged man, with his smartphone in hand, takes in the scenery as he sits in the trunk of his SUV. A middle-aged man, with his smartphone in hand, takes in the scenery as he sits in the trunk of his SUV.

Lilly Tempo™ Support

The Tempo customer care support team may help you in your Tempo journey.

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Setting Up Your Tempo Platform

Visit the Setting Up Tempo page for connection and pairing instructions.
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