How to use Tempo


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Tempo™ Welcome Kit Overview

Discover the contents of your Tempo Welcome Kit.

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Downloading the TempoSmart™ App

Learn how to download the TempoSmart App and create your account.

Jump to chapter: Pairing the Tempo Smart Button

Pairing the Tempo Smart Button™

See how to pair your Tempo Pen™ and Tempo Smart Button with the TempoSmart App.

Jump to chapter: Pairing Your Tempo Blood Glucose Meter (BGM)

Pairing Your Tempo™ Blood Glucose Meter (BGM)

Review the steps to pair your Tempo BGM with the TempoSmart App.

Jump to chapter: Features Overview

Features Overview

Explore the features of the TempoSmart App.

Jump to chapter: Reading and Sharing Reports

Reading and Sharing Reports

Find out about the progress reports available from the TempoSmart App and how you can share them with your healthcare professional.